I intend on posting more here. In a year, this website will look completely different. If not, make sure you call me out on it.

I ventured out into this wilderness with Brian today. We attempted to get some shots.

I'm editing and listening to Atmosphere.

Here are the results:


BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-2.jpg


BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-18.jpg

i wrote you a letter.

i know you'll never write me back.

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-21.jpg

i don't know how to make the first move anymore.

i used to be such a sweet talker.

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-23.jpg

i broke down like an old pick up truck in the middle of the desert:

overwhelmed, steaming, & screaming for help.

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-4.jpg

i want my life to be different.

will you be a part of it?

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-6.jpg

i'm not a part of some broken hearts club. i'm not some emo kid.

i'm depressed. i'm fucking sad. sometimes i feel empty. and for so long i hated myself for it. sick with the inability to be happy. symptoms: fixation on self-deprecation; acts of self-mutilation; isolation. now, i accept it. it's the only way to actually keep on living. to resist is to continue suffering in denial.

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-9.jpg

acceptance is purpose.

i have more confidence now. you can't break me anymore. you never could.

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-17.jpg

if you fuck it up,

that's your fault.

BUDD LAKE SNOWSTORM 03_07_18-20.jpg

i'm a realist with a utopian dream.

i'll never give up on love.